Thursday, October 11, 2007

Some people are just nuts!

I swear, you try to do something nice and it just pisses people off.

I walk the kids home from school every day. So today we hear a dog barking what sounds like a distress call. I look over and see a small dog right up against a fence and realize that it looks like it's trapped.

So, we cross the (busy) road to go check on the dog. It is trapped - it's on a lead and has squeezed through a small opening in the fence.

I'm looking at it (still about 5 feet away in case it's not so nice and isn't as trapped as it looks) and trying to figure out how to fix the issue when a woman pulls up (on the wrong side of the road - which is, as I said, very busy) and YELLS at me "That's MY dog, so don't even think about taking her".

I tell her that I wasn't going to take it, I was just checking to make sure it was okay because it was obviously in a bad situation and she again YELLS "Well, that's MY dog, you can just forget about taking her".

I wanted to yell "Lady, I don't want your stupid dog, I'm a cat person, I just wanted to make sure it didn't strangle itself". But I just took my kids and walked off.

I swear. I'm trying to tell myself she's had dogs taken in the past, but damn. After I explained that I was checking to make sure it was okay, you'd think she'd calm down, but if anything it seemed to make her more upset.

I swear, I'm going to program the animal control number into my cell phone and call them next time I see a dog outside her fence. Maybe they'll fine her for not taking care of her animals.

Poor dog could have died - either from strangulation or from dehydration (it's still really, really hot here and there was no shade).


Tanya Brown said...

Yep. She sounds like a nutter. A trashy nutter at that.

You did the right thing, both in checking on the dog and being polite. Calling animal control if this happens again sounds like a good idea.

Grace said...

Call animal control. After a warning, the fines get big (in my municipality). That will teach bad owners to be more responsible.