Sunday, September 16, 2007


I'm watching the musical Oklahoma (for the first time). I know it's not really filmed in Oklahoma, but there are a few scenes that look like home. I've also been reading Foxfire and some of the pics there look like home.

I haven't been back home since July, I'm starting to miss the landscape.

I love where I live. I have wild parrots to wake me up. I have flowers blooming year round. I can see me living here for a good number of years. Even if Mr. Gaia gets transferred, I can see us keeping this house and renting it out (for the first time ever) so that we have a place to retire to.

But, I am an Oklahoma girl through and through. I will always get homesick for Oklahoma. When I see pics that remind me of home, I'm going to miss it.

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Jules said...

Let me know if you ever come back "home" to Oklahoma...we're in Broken Arrow right outside of Tulsa.;)