Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm in pain

Stupid TMJ.

My whole head hurts, but mainly my jaw and behind my ears.

My tinnitis has been really, really bad lately (as in contributing to keeping me awake at night).

I AM not grinding or clenching my jaw, I swear. I'm not chewing gum (as much as I love gum). I'm not eating particularly chewy foods.

It's stress. I know it and I swear I'm ready to quit my job because it's too much. I'm a minimum of 3 weeks behind. I will never ever get caught up. And it's not like these are cases I can ignore, these are some of our biggest cases ever (or at least since I've been there). We just happen to have 4 of them at one time. One would be enough to cause a lot of stress while I tried to get my other duties done. 4? Well - TMJ, canker sores, tinnitis, irritability and extreme snappishness.

I'm not sure that a nightguard would help, really. I'm not grinding or clenching - so what good would it do? I have issues with things in my mouth (they make me gag, seriously if I hold a pencil in my mouth I start gagging).

Just a bit of Monday night venting.

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Jules said...

I haven't had to use a nightguard in years...but I had to buy one recently. I've had sinus crap & my ears & jaws were KILLING me & bringing on migraines. Anyway, the one I got was $20 at WM & you dip it in boiling water, then cold, then imprint your teeth. I did the TOP teeth. Also it has lines you can trim off the back part if it's too long & causes gagging. I trimmed & am now enjoying life headache free. Just throwing that out there.My husband has a high gag reflex so I get the issues.;)