Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bug Hill update

It occurs to me that I haven't given a Bug Hill update in a while.

Megan is finally in her 2nd trimester, and being the suggestible person she is, she immediately started feeling 100% better. I think she would feel even better if she'd switch to maternity clothes, but I remember wanting to wear my regular clothes as long as possible, so I understand (of course, I was pregnant in the mid to late 90s when clothes were not nearly as fitted as they are now).

It's so stinkin' not, no one is doing much. The city has seen an increase in weed abatement notices. All this rain coupled with all this heat has made the weeds and grass grow 2 feet overnight (or so it seems). No one feels like working in their yards to get rid of the weeds. Whole neighborhoods are having parties to work in their yards and meet the city requirements.

I harvested my first volunteer watermelon. It was pretty small, but the vine had shriveled, so it wasn't going to grow anymore. It tasted about like you'd expect from a volunteer watermelon. It actually tasted a lot like my first watermelon this season. Edible, but really not that good. The second watermelon is a lot larger and the vine is still green and pretty. So there's hope. That vine has a lot of pretty flowers on it, but they apparently aren't getting fertilized - there's no baby watermelons appearing as the blooms die.

All the church kids are back from their various camps. School starts in 2.5 weeks. Parents are scrambling for school supplies and trying to decide if it's worth forking over big bucks for new clothes that the kids won't be able to wear until December (by which time, they will probably have outgrown them).

The local elementary has asked that I remind parents that they always accept donations of extra school supplies. If you can afford to buy an extra package of lined paper, or glue or box of crayons, they will be put to good use.

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