Monday, April 02, 2007

First watermelon of the season

We had our first watermelon of the season. And it sucked. It was underripe and overripe at the same time. It was clearly picked too soon and then artificially ripened and it just didn't work. It's really too bad because we love watermelon in the Gaia household. We had a volunteer vine but a combination of chilly weather and too little water took it out.

I'm seriously behind on my gardening this year. My bok choi and arugula have bolted, but I haven't pulled them. They're just sitting in my garden being all yellow and white flowers. I've decided the flowers are pretty. I've also decided to let them go to seed and see if the seed will germinate. That would be really cool. Adding to the flowers in my garden is a radish that went to bloom in the compost pile. It's clearly not hot enough if the radish is surviving in the middle of the heap. Oh well, it'll eventually decompose.

My lancinato kale is still doing really well, except for the caterpillars and aphids. I need some ladybugs in the worst way. I love this kale, I had the same plants live through 17F temps and 105F temps unprotected. They eventually went to seed after about 9 months. That seed was not viable.

I seriously need to hurry up and plant my peppers and tomatoes or there will be none this year. Mr. Gaia can get free avocados fresh from the tree at work, so tomatoes and peppers are a must.


Tanya Brown said...

Free avocados. Yum.

Sorry about the lousy watermelon. Hopefully there's still time to get a vine or two going.

What kind of composting method/container are you using? Sounds like it's cooking along very nicely.

Gaia said...

My composting method is the pile method. I throw food waste (which includes the corn husks that were wrapped around tamales - which means a little bit of animal fat) into a big pile. Add garden waste and leave it alone.

I need to remember to turn it, but I tend to be too lazy.

I had a nice container before we moved. But there wasn't room in the moving truck, so my aunt claimed it. I figured it was the only way she would compost so I didn't begrudge it too much.