Tuesday, April 03, 2007


We went weeks without rain and finally got some this weekend. All the flowers are blooming so nicely, the trees are fully leafed out.

And the grass has sprung up. It already needed mowed, but I got lazy. I went out to work on it tonight. I only succeeded in making a couple of paths.

Reel mowers are marvelous as long as you mow regularly. I suspect I'll be burning a lot of calories this week while I work to keep the house clean for my mother-in-law and uphold my half of the mowing (Mr. Gaia does the front yard and uses the weed-eater). I have to admit, it's lazy times like this that make me wish I had a gas powered or electric mower.


Jenny said...

It must be beautiful with all the flowers, and the leafy trees. It's grey and brown here.

Tanya Brown said...

8>) Here's hoping that you haven't worked so hard that you're too tired to enjoy your mother-in-law's visit!

It should be a good time for her to come; it sounds like the weather is soft and pretty.

Gaia said...

Ah, Jenny. I've been to your city and skied the slopes there (it's where I learned to ski) and it's very pretty in the winter. I haven't seen it in the summer, but I've been to Telluride in the summer and it was gorgeous. Mr. Gaia wanted to live in Granby, but I couldn't take the cold and missed the deciduous trees, so we moved back home after a mere 5.5 months. The summer I spent in Dolores was nice, though.

Tanya - I didn't wear myself out too much. I did swing my weed wacker around and knocked the highest of the grass down to a manageable level.