Monday, May 21, 2007

This week in Bug Hill

I got to see and snuggle with the babies. They are sooo cute. I, of course, offered to babysit with them, but Marcia really needs me to help with the other kids (I understand).

Mrs. Miller finally got the results of her liver biopsy. She apparently has chronic hepatitis, but she didn't pay attention to know if it was hepatitis B or C or even if it is for sure viral and not autoimmune or some other cause. She's still in the process of coming to grips with the information. She has an appointment with the clinic to figure out next steps and hopefully to get more information. Well wishes and information would be greatly appreciated.

Megan is still so freakin' skinny it isn't funny. She's starting to complain about weight gain "I gained 4 pounds in two weeks!". I just smile and say "I know" and "I understand" and remember that I was once the super skinny pregnant woman who alternately embraced the weight gain and despaired of ever being thin again (I did get thin again, it just didn't last). She's still nauseated and calls in to be late more often than not. By my reckoning, she should be entering the 2nd trimester soon and so maybe the nausea will abate (I suspect not, she's enjoying the excuse too much, in my opinion).

Edna at Curl up and Dye is still gambling and had a decent win this week. Haircuts are not going well. Get your hair cut at your own risk.

Lizzie at the diner wants everyone to know that they are bringing back "Blue Plate Specials" featuring a meat, 2 veg, drink and dessert. This is one of those things that most of us thought were gone with the dinosaurs. She says that the prices can't compare to the original prices on a blue plate but reminds us that she is doing what she can to keep eating out affordable and help us remember bygone days. Then she adds "without the whole 'whites only' thing, so nobody better suggest it".

The FHA and 4-H group cooperated to have a rummage sale/fashion show this weekend. We're proud to say that they raised $1,000 and had people drive as much as 100 miles one-way to come. They send thanks to everyone who donated items for the rummage sale and all the help with the fashion show. I think we all had a great time and some of us even got some neat items (okay, I didn't buy anything, I'm saving money and trying not to get too much clutter in my home).

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