Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday - rest day

We had planned to bike to the library today, but I slept in. When I woke up, I reminded Mr. Gaia that we needed to go to the library, so he grabbed his keys and went out to the storage building to claim the extra bike tire. By the time he got the flat fixed on that tire and got it on his bike, I realized it was raining.

Now, it's been threatening to rain for over a week now (I haven't done laundry in all that time because I thought it was going to rain) so when it was cool and cloudy, we figured it wouldn't rain and we could bike to the library anyway. Of course, we finally found the tipping point for making it rain. Hyperion heard the rain and came outside to run around in it.

Mr. Gaia and went and sat on our porch swing to watch the rain and enjoy the cool air. When we were shopping for a house, the big thing we wanted was a porch. One of the first things we bought for our house was our porch swing. Today reminded me why it was important to us. As we enjoyed watching Hyperion dance in the rain, I looked around and realized almost all of our neighbors were missing this wonderful day. The neighbor waaay down on the corner was out with the kids and enjoying it. Everyone else was stuck inside because they had no porch.

Since we clearly weren't going to the library, I used my day to take care of some business. I bagged up another bag of cans for the recycling center and then I baked bread. We still haven't been able to use the solar oven for baking bread - Murphy's Law dictates that as soon as we have time, the sky will be cloudy.

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