Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gratitude Post!

1) It's Wednesday, I'm halfway through the week and it's a long weekend.

2) My kids made straight As for the last 9 weeks.

3) I'm almost done pulling johnsongrass (the last area to go is in amongst some oleander that needs to be removed before I can really get it) just in time, because my back is about to give out.

4) I've been able to pick up more mystery shops so I should meet my goal by June 15 (of course, I won't actually get the money until July).

5) Due to the arrival of some checks, we shouldn't have to dip into savings for this month's bills.

6) Hyperion's "ugly" tooth is about to fall out.

7) My mom and dad are going to be able to come visit us next week and take my boys back with them for their month on the farm (saves us a LOT of gas and gives us a chance to visit).

1 comment:

Tanya Brown said...

woohoo! Hooray for you and the kids!