Sunday, April 08, 2007

Real Woman meme

Tanya, the art butcher tagged me with this meme.

This is surprisingly hard. What is a Real Woman? Most days I feel like it's something I'm not.

So, here goes. To me a Real Woman:

-Isn't afraid to jump in and be physical. Whether it be helping carry heavy items or getting dirty, she knows she can do it and anyone who thinks doing so makes her less feminine can suck it.

- Isn't afraid to go after what she wants. The corner office, her own business, the "male job", etc.

- Accepts that she can't actually have it all, but figures out what is most important and manages to fit in many of the less important items.

- Isn't afraid to admit when she isn't typically feminine. If she doesn't like to shop, isn't into shoes, purses, or makeup, she isn't afraid of being judged when she admits it.

- However, a real woman doesn't judge her friends who are into the typically feminine things. If they like it, that's good enough for her.

- A real woman helps her friends be strong but isn't afraid to let them see her when she's weak.

I know there are more things I want to say and I'm not stating what I want to say as well as I would like, but my muse, she has left. I tag Jenny and Grace if they wish to be tagged.


Jenny said...

This one looks like fun! PS I also tagged you this weekend: here.

Tanya Brown said...

A great post.

The muse, though - is she a real woman(TM)?

Gaia said...

Jenny, I saw that and planned to write something last night, but I was lazy.

Tanya, I think my muse is a cat. I'm not sure, but when my cat is happy, my muse is inspired. My kitty's been unhappy with all the company lately. But it's going to calm down now, no more company until Memorial Day. So we'll figure it out. So, yes, my muse is a real woman - LOL, just a selfish real woman.