Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No More Soccer!! (for the season)

Soccer is over for the season. They've played their last games, they've had their end of season parties, they've gotten their medals.

Hyperion so wants to play again next year. His team ended up really small - about 5 kids would show up at a time - so he got to play A LOT. I can really see a huge improvement. He's much more focused when he's playing the game. He's starting to think ahead and plan ahead and know where the ball will go and be.

Oceanus says he doesn't want to play again next year. I think it's because he thinks his friend is going to be on a more elite team and he doesn't think he'll make the cut. It doesn't matter how much I encourage him and tell him he was one of the better players, he doesn't think he'd make the cut. I did pass on comments from the other parents that he was the most improved player this year, but I suspect he's a lot like me and thinks that means that he was really bad to begin with and now is only marginally bad.

I'm in the position of making the decision of "do I let my child quit, or do I push him to do something that he could enjoy and be fairly good at, if he'd only let himself?" He'll never be a star and probably won't even make the high school team, but he's pretty good for his age. And if we continue to live in this area, knowing how to play soccer will be important. Here, kids don't have pick-up baseball and football games like they did when we were kids, they have pick-up soccer games.

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