Monday, March 26, 2007

New Purchase

After abusing my poor kitchenaid mixer by making 2 large loaves of whole wheat bread every other week, we finally splurged and bought the monster shown here. It's a KitchenAid Professional 600 series.

I haven't tried it out yet. I made bread yesterday, which, as Mr. Gaia pointed out, was a little sad, but Sunday really is my best bread making opportunity. Soccer practice is Monday and Tuesday nights, so they're out. By Wednesday, I'm too exhausted to even think about making bread, that carries over to Thursday and Friday. Saturday is for soccer games and naps. But we needed bread for this week.

I let Mr. Gaia pick out the color. I really didn't care. Our old one is white because that's what was available at Sam's (it came with attachments!). He liked the steel gray color, so that was fine with me.

I joked with him that what he really wanted was a commercial kitchen one - the floor stand model. Truth be told, that would actually be nice. I have enough pans to make several more loaves, but not the horsepower in a mixer or the upper arm strength.

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Tanya Brown said...

I am beyond envious. It's a lovely tool; enjoy it in good health!