Sunday, March 25, 2007

Best Soccer Game EVER!!!

Oceanus' team played the "entitled team" yesterday.

I call them the entitled team because they think they have the right to take over a whole practice field (we're supposed to share) and to send their kids to run laps around and through other practice fields. The coach throws frequent tantrums and they require their kids to take private lessons and hire private coaches to come in. They have 3 different uniforms (most teams have just the one provided by the league).

There were only 4 players from our team there at 11:25 (game starts at 11:30) and the other coach started pushing to start the game. So they started a few minutes early. One of our players showed up at 11:29, after the game was started, but that's no big deal.

We only had 5 of 8 players show up total. The other team had all 8.

The final score? 4-2, our team won. I've never seen our team play so well. Oceanus played goalie most of the time because he's really good at it. The other players have a little bit of trouble getting the timing down to meet an incoming ball (but damn, turn them loose with a ball and can they score!). But the ball rarely even came to that end of the field. Our boys were stealing the ball, putting pressure on the other players, etc. And they played a clean game. No elbows, no shoulders, no tripping. We can't say the same for the other team.

Oh they hated losing. The league rules requiring equal time for all kids present? Totally ignored so that they could keep subbing in their best players.It was a marvelous win.

Poor Oceanus, though. He didn't enjoy the win very much. He heard the other team's coach tell the team that the ball always gets past Oceanus (not true, but he is the weaker member of that group of 5). I told him that when teams start losing they often start trash talk to try to psych out the other team and he did a good job of not letting it effect his performance.

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