Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kid Brags

1) Hyperion's awards ceremony was today (they do them every 9 weeks). I told him I would do my best to come but didn't think I would be able to (it was at 9:15). At 9:00, I felt guilty, took my work to my boss and asked if I could use some comp time to go and he told me to "take on out". So I went. I am so happy I did. He got A/B honor roll, Homework Hero (means he turned his homework in every day), Perfect Attendance and Reading Hero (that means he met his A/R Goal). He was so excited to see me.

2) Everyone at Hyperion's school knows him. I'm choosing to believe this is because he is so cute with his freckles and smile and so charming. And not that he is so hyper and disruptive.

3) Oceanus had his awards ceremony Wednesday (I went to that as well). He got Principal's Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance (yeah, he didn't have perfect attendance, so I'm not sure how he got that), Homework Hero and Reading Hero.

4) Mr. Gaia was travelling for work this week. We made it with only one little meltdown (mine). We managed to go to McDonald's by ourselves without a meltdown. They did their homework with no problem. They were wonderful and patient with me.

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