Sunday, October 29, 2006

Well, it's October

Every single year in October, I get pregnancy symptoms. I'm nauseated. My boobs hurt. I'm exhausted. Every single year. More than once, I've bought a pregnancy test because I was convinced that I must be pregnant.

This year, I watched my fertility signs and I'm almost convinced I ovulated at least twice, maybe three times. I'm only almost convinced because I'm just going off cervical mucus, I didn't chart temps, etc.

Now, I wonder if I don't do this every year. Each released egg leaves behind a follicle which releases progesterone. Pregnancy symptoms are caused by an increase in progesterone. So now I'm left wondering if I were to get pregnant in October, if I would conceive twins.

So now, even though I know I'm not pregnant, I'll still wonder. By my calculations, I ovulated the first time 2 weeks ago on Friday, the last time 2 weeks ago come Thursday. So, if no period by Thursday, I'll be stressed thinking I must be pregnant.

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