Sunday, October 22, 2006

This week in Bug Hill

So, the Mayor's daughter is no longer pregnant. The rumor, of course, is that she had an abortion. I don't know if that's true, but as far as I know, she didn't leave town, and there's no way you're getting an abortion anywhere local.

The preacher's wife is soooo sick. Her OB sent her for an ultrasound to "date the pregnancy". Yeah, you see where this is going. She's having twins. I'd already finished 2 pairs of baby socks for the Mayor's daughter, so now I'm making more for the twins. Twins! Wow.

Susan Adams is moving out of town. She got a job in "the city". We're all excited for her. Well, okay, we're all just a tad bit jealous, but at the same time feel like she thinks she's better than us. Any of us could move, if we wanted to. Many of us have moved and then came back. Sure, living in the city is fun. I mean, if you want, for instance, Indian food, it's just a short-ish drive away. If you want it here? Yeah, it's at least an hour's drive. But in the end, we missed knowing our neighbors, and our neighbors' business.

Today, I started learning to darn socks. The pair I picked probably weren't the best. The yarn in them is very fine. So my darning looks pretty bad, but at least my toes no longer poke out. It's another way to a sustainable life.

DH made me a garden bed today. I'll plant some kale, spinach, lettuce and bok choi this week. It was cool this weekend, so I made a huge pot of beans and we had beans and cornbread for supper. DH spent the cool time doing yard work. It's a switch of roles for us, usually I do the yardwork and he does the cooking.

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