Monday, July 17, 2006

Why Gaia Girl?

Gaia is the Greek Goddess of Earth. Being a goddess, well, I needed a goddess name. I try to live an organic and sustainable life, so who better than Mother Earth?

A blog, of course, is an exercise in vanity. We hope to be able to send our thoughts out and have them validated, or at least read. Sometimes, late at night, thoughts run through my mind and I just need to write them down. If they're good, great, if they're not? Well, at least I got them out of my head and maybe I'll be able to sleep the next night.

Okay, so my name isn't Gaia and my sons aren't Oceanus and Hyperion, but you knew that. You don't expect me to tell you our real names, do you?

Why are we so paranoid on the internet? Recently an internet community who has been together for 2 years fractured. Why? Over safety concerns. If we were less paranoid, we could probably have held it together for a much longer time. It's sad. I really felt like I knew these people. I knew more about them than I did the people I went to school with from kindy to (in some cases) college.

So, I'm still reeling from that. If I make no sense these first few weeks, understand that I'm still recovering.

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