Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Work News

Megan, at 39 weeks, is apparently on bedrest. I have no idea why she is on bedrest, you'd think they'd either induce or section at this point. Of course, I said she'd have the baby by induction leading to section by tomorrow. So we'll see what happens.

My bosses have asked me to go to fulltime work through at least February. I told them I needed a raise. So they offered about $114 more per month (which would be prorated to fit my shorter hours). This doesn't fully cover childcare costs. The extra money I would make by working more hours would result in about $300 extra per month. Mr. Gaia is pissed that I would even consider it for less than an extra $300 per month. I didn't get a raise last year at all and the one the previous year was pretty small. I don't want to work full time and I explained that to them. I told them that I was willing to help out but that I needed to talk it all over with Mr. Gaia.

I think it's a foregone conclusion that I will work fulltime until Megan and my other coworker are back from their medical leaves (other coworker is having a hysterectomy January 10). The only question is will they pay me enough to make Mr. Gaia get off my back.

I'm in a better position than they are right now. I don't *need* this job. It enables us to do more fun things and to actually have some retirement and college savings, but we live off of Mr. Gaia's salary now. But I have that socialized female guilt. Sigh.

I did not get the Parks job. I finally got my letter yesterday. However, the park I really want to work at has reopened their job posting (same position), so I made sure they still have my application.


Grace said...

I am with Mr Gaia on this. The raise they are offering is INSULTING. You have them over a barrel. Tell them that they will have to cover twice the cost of extra daycare or no dice.

Seriously, why would you work those extra hours, incur extra daycare and eating out costs (because you know you will need more help around the house if you work FT), if the extra pay doesn't even cover a fraction of the costs you incur? Do you like the job enough to PAY them to do it?

Could you clarify? If the extra pay is $114/month, less an unspecified fraction; and daycare costs $300/month, why would you even consider it? Wouldn't that put you ~$200/mo in the hole to work MORE?

If you got a puny raise this year and none last year, they are treating you badly. It is time to leave.

Gaia said...

I don't think I explained it well.

After school care will run about $150/month. With the increase in hours and the extra pay, I will end up clearing about $300 more per month. Which really isn't that much when you think about what it means - less time with the kids, less time in the evening as a family, because Hyperion is not going to have finished his homework at the after school center, so we'll have to do it before bed.

I didn't get to talk to my boss today because he was running all day. I saw him at lunch and he said we could talk tomorrow. So, I have to screw up my courage again.