Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ready for Christmas?

Not quite.

Here's my checklist:

Gingerbread men - done! Mixed up the dough last night and refrigerated it overnight. The boys and I cut them out and baked them tonight.

Reindeer haystack cookies - done!

Potholders - done! The boys worked on those when they got home from school today. They both turned out really well.

Packing - done! I hope we'll be able to do laundry while visiting, otherwise I'm going to run out of warm clothes (frickin' frackin cold fronts).

Knitting projects for car - done!

Last gift for Mr. Gaia ... Well. Yeah. I planned to buy him a kill-a-watt. I saw one in a local store a few months ago. I thought I'd find it again and then got lazy and started thinking it was just a simple matter. Not so much. Thank goodness I have some back-up ideas and we're stopping at the outlet mall in San Marcos (like that won't be a madhouse the Saturday before Christmas).

I spoke to my boss today and told him that when we ran the numbers with actual childcare costs we couldn't make it work. He told me that we'd just stick with my current hours but I could keep the raise (so generous - but I've always known they were cheapskates, which includes to not billing enough, if they'd let me bill more what our work is worth, we'd bring it a lot more revenue).

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