Saturday, November 10, 2007

Soccer games

I mentioned in one of my comments that Hyperion gets really bothered by people straying from what he perceives as the correct path. This really plays out in soccer games. Last year it wasn't a problem because he was new to the game and didn't understand the strategy and ideas.

This year it's a HUGE problem. He's not on a very good team, they haven't won a game - EVER (his coach from last year didn't come back so the team was split up). He knows (or thinks he knows) what everyone is supposed to be doing. So when one of his teammates doesn't do what Hyperion thinks he is supposed to do, Hyperion fixates on it. To the point of actually refusing to continue to fully participate in the game.

Today when we got to the game, the parents didn't know what field they were supposed to play on. I'll admit I didn't check, I assumed it was the same field as always, but there were already 2 teams warming up on that field, so clearly not. I met the parents and they told me the field number but didn't know what field that was. I did because Oceanus spent most of the season last year playing on that field. Hyperion and I had brought two balls with us because we knew that the rest of the team never brought balls to the games and consequently we often didn't have a ball for warming up. So, the team kicked the balls over to the correct field. I reminded them to stay off the other fields because teams were warming up. A couple of the kids didn't pay attention and lost control, kicking it onto the other field. No big deal, just go ahead and kick it off the field and continue to the right field. Except they didn't. They continued to mess around on the field, I reminded them we needed to get out of the way and when they didn't immediately comply, Hyperion lost it. Sigh.

So he gets it contained, but I can tell it's still simmering under the surface. We get to the right field and his coach shows up. Hyperion is not happy with the drills coach is running (mainly because he's still upset from the ball incident) and pitches a fit. I ask him if he wants to leave and he says yes. Sigh. So we have a "come to Jesus" meeting. I tell him if we leave now, there will be no TV and no gameboy for a week and that doesn't include the consequence his dad hands down. I told him "forget everyone else, live your own path. Pretend you are having a good time - fake it 'til you make it". So he goes back over to coach and tells him he's not leaving.

After the game (a tie so it's not a loss, yay! AND Hyperion made the only goal for his team - his first this year) he tells me that he did fake it and then he found he was having a good time. He said "I faked it 'til I made it and I liked it!".

He has another game next week, the last until spring. So send fuzzy thoughts that this week's epiphany will hold out.

Oceanus' team won their final game. Giving them a final stat of 4 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie - which puts them in 3rd place, I believe. I missed the game because both boys were scheduled to play at the same time about 5 miles apart (different sports parks).

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