Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I got nothin'

My muse has left. So how about a Bug Hill update?

Megan is still pregnant. She's due Christmas day, but thinks she'll have the baby 2 weeks early. That's what she says her OB says. I predict an induction and a c-section around the 20th. I hope I'm wrong, but experience has taught me that this is the "natural" order of things anymore.

Bug Hill is planning their Winter Parade. Anyone who wants to enter a float needs to contact Leslie Johnson and she'll get you the specifications and guidelines for the float contest. She's advertised that there's very few floats entered so far, so chances of winning a prize are really good. Also, any merchants out there who would like to donate goods, etc for prizes are encouraged to contact Leslie ASAP so she can get their names and donations in the paper as soon as possible. Remember, the earlier your name is in the paper, the greater your advertising exposure is!

The Bug Hill Elementary Glee Club is performing at the December PTA meeting. Glee Club members need to have either a red or green t-shirt (I pushed for blue and white but was overruled) and jeans or tan pants. The meeting is open to all members of the general public. If you wish to join PTA it isn't too late. Dues are $5/family and all the money raised is being used to provide a shade structure for the playground equipment. You can join at the meeting.

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