Sunday, October 07, 2007

Faith the size of a mustard seed

I have sitemeter on this blog. It's really cool, it tells me how people got here and if they got here through a search engine, what term they used.

The most searched term is "faith the size of a mustard seed" from this post. The post was about gathering bok choy seeds. Bok choy being in the mustard family.

But all these searches (which have picked up in the last month making me wonder what that's all about) have gotten me thinking about faith. A few months ago I dreamed that someone gave me a winning lottery ticket. Now this is a recurring dream because it is the only way I'm going to win the lottery, I'm not about to buy a ticket. This week I stepped over a lottery receipt on my way to pick up the kids from school. I walked on and then remembered my dream and went back and picked up the ticket. It was, of course, not a winning ticket. But it occurred to me that the deity above might choose to bless me in this way, so now I pick up all the lottery tickets I see. I figure even if they're losers, I've helped by picking up trash.

Right now I feel like I'm hanging my clothes on the line in faith. My new neighbors, who have to come through my backyard to get to their backyard - yeah that was great planning on the part of the developer - have displayed some hostile behaviors. Tonight it was a yard full of small, unripe citrus fruits (I'm not sure if they're valley lemons or oranges, I just know they're citrus, small, and unripe). Other days have had them trimming the trees that are clearly on our side of the property line and scalping the grass on our side of the property line. Dudes! The survey stakes are still in place, how hard can it be to see that you are clearly NOT on your own property? So, I take care only to hang things I don't really care about on that end of the line. And forget getting a dog anytime soon. Clearly they cannot be trusted to not let a dog out of the yard (they often forget to close the gate). Oh, and don't get me started on the night they were messing with the gate (which is right under our bedroom window) at 2am. Yeah, that doesn't disturb a person AT ALL.

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Tanya Brown said...

Criminy. There's nothing like neighbor troubles to make for a #$%#$% nightmare!

LOL. You've just reminded me of the period when I lived in an apartment, though. One extremely hot night, when I had all of the windows open, people were still wandering around and talking - loudly! - at two or three a.m. I am often not a nice person at that hour, so I finally went to the window and yelled "It's TWO A.M.!!!! It's TIME TO GO TO BED AND BE QUIET!!!!" Amazingly enough, people did quit making racket after that.

Yelling doesn't work so well when one owns a house, though.