Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sad day in Bug Hill

So Humberto Leal has been deported. Who knew he wasn't here legally? He's legally married to Karen (Johnson) a legal marriage performed here in the US. They have a 4 year old girl, Claudia.

He was dumped across the border from Laredo. INS took his belt and his new boots. They took his ID. He was dumped with nothing but the clothes on his back (I'm not sure if it was his own clothes or a government issued outfit). He was able to borrow a phone to call Karen to wire him money, but without ID he couldn't pick it up.

He was finally able to get in touch with his family in Mexico and they were able to cobble together enough transportation to get him to their home. If he'd had his new boots, he could have traded those for some money and it would have been easier.

So now Claudia has pretty much lost her father. For at least a year, maybe longer. It's not like Karen makes enough money to pay for his transportation back, if he even manages to be allowed to come back. A 4 year old Daddy's girl is going to have to give up her father.


Please keep Claudia, Karen and Beto in your thoughts.

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Jenny said...

That is so incredibly sad that he was ripped from his home like that. So sad that there's a wife without her husband and a daughter without her father. It's disgusting that INS can rip a family apart like that.