Thursday, August 30, 2007

Still Rain!??!?

While this is the subtropics, it's an area that doesn't get much rain usually. In fact, for the last 2 years rain was almost enough to shut down the city. Now? It rains every single day and rains enough that the water backs up in the streets. Life no longer stops, we just muddle through.

The rain has perfected its timing, too. It waited until I was 2 blocks from home (walking to the school) to start raining. Too far to really want to turn back and get in the car to park 3 blocks (or more) from the school. But had I known the deluge it was going to turn into? I might have seriously considered driving.

The kids have not yet had a real recess. Hyperion's teacher is a saint, she's keeping it together with a class room full of hyper 7 year olds (her reputation as being THE teacher for high energy kids means that us parents of high energy kids request her) - hyper 7 year olds with very little outlet for their high energy.

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