Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bug Hill update

Well, school starts next week. We in Bug Hill have been getting ready (okay, I haven't done diddly squat, but ...). I've been asked to remind everyone that donations of any extra supplies are always welcome. We need to remember that we have a high proportion of low income students who will likely start school without all the needed supplies.

I'm trying to decide whether to cut Hyperion and Oceanus' hair. They both have long hair. Oceanus' looks fine, but Hyperion's is so thick it looks oppressive and heavy. It's also inclined to smell. Technically, long hair is against dress code, but theirs doesn't touch their collars so it's okay for a little while. It's against dress code because "it's distracting". Well, it's only distracting because it's against dress code and somewhat unusual. I imagine the first girl with short hair was distracting, but we got over it. My theory is that if more boys had long hair, it would no longer be distracting. It's the same theory I had about breastfeeding - especially breastfeeding in public. I think I'll keep it trimmed just enough to be above their collar and call it good. Unless, of course, they ask to cut it. Hyperion can't decide if he wants it left alone or not.

I know the preacher's wife is more than ready for school to start. The twins are keeping her so busy - they're just starting to roll over now and they've learned to link rolls to move around the house. She's really going to have her hands full. She plans to send them to school for breakfast as well as lunch - which we all agree is a great idea.

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