Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

So with the kids out of town, we had a laid back Father's Day. Of course, it didn't help that I was thinking it was THIS weekend, not last weekend. Luckily, I had already picked up a small item to be part of a larger gift, so I had a little something to give him.

Then, we walked to the movie theatre to see "Wild Hogs". It was cute enough and there was one scene that actually made me laugh so hard I couldn't make a sound and tears ran out of my eyes.

After the movie, we walked to the restaurant to have dinner. It was a marvelous meal and I felt I really earned those calories. I didn't map our walk, but it was probably about 2.5 miles total.

I'm really missing the kids. Today Mr. Gaia received a package from them, a shirt with their handprints, little trinkets with their pics (from when they were 2-3) and homemade cards.

One thing I've noticed about the kids being gone - it's much harder to fill up a load of clothes. I finally had to give in and wash a partial load because I was out of clothes. I started throwing in pieces of random bedding to complete the load (well, it needed washed anyway and who says it has to be washed in its own load?).

Biking update -
87.1F, 67% humidity, 12.7mph SSE winds. 3.46 miles.

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