Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

What would a holiday be without a few minor hiccups?

My day was wonderful. Mr. Gaia and the boys woke me up with pancakes (not in bed, but ready for me on the table) and gifts. Wonderful gifts.

Then we left the house to go to the butterfly garden. I looked up the directions last night, but Mr. Gaia didn't look at them saying "I'll check it out tomorrow". Needless to say, he didn't look it up and check it out. So we were stuck with my half-assed remembrance (it's somewhere I don't go so the roads didn't make sense to me and didn't really stick in my mind). We did eventually find it, only to find that right now it's really not much of anything. Not even any real trails to hike (not that we felt up to hiking in the 93F temps).

Okay, so that was a bust. So off to the new birding center. Oops, not open today.

Okay, so let's go to Target and get Oceanus the posterboard he needs for his school project due tomorrow (which he mostly forgot about and I reminded him). He picks out the last blue piece and we make our way to the checkout stand. At the checkout stand, the cashier mauls the poor thing and creases it to hell and back and it won't scan. So she calls for help and then clears our previous purchases out of the register and starts scanning the people behind us. We were in the express lane, so I mostly understand. However, the people behind us kept adding items, two here and two there until there was no end in sight and well after they had called with the correct scan information (or so we assume). At the point where they were adding 5 more items, I looked at the cashier and said "nevermind" and we left. I really do understand her ringing up the next people in line, but when it was clear it was waaaaay more than the 10 items, she should have figured something else out for us, rather than leaving us standing around forever and a day. So we came home and went to our local Target and the things we were going to buy were actually cheaper.

Between Target trips, we went to eat. Oh my goodness. Talk about noisy and crowded and pricy. They added an addition $3/person for the meal (it was a buffet and their normal prices were also posted). This wouldn't have been so bad, except it was the same exact food and it was stale. Yes, stale. It was a chinese buffet and the eggrolls were cold. The wonton soup had no wontons. The fish was ice cold.

But it was still a good day.

The preacher's wife had her twins Thursday. Esther and James were born at 9:39 am and weighed 7lbs4oz and 8lbs3oz respectively. They're absolutely beautiful and healthy as can be. They nurse like champs and adore their older siblings (thank goodness, Marcia (preacher's wife) needs all the help she can get).

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Saltygal said...

Hi Gaia, your post brought me to your blog and I'm having a fun time finding out about you reading backwards through your blog. We have more than a few things in common.
re: Your first Target trip, those are the times when you just wish you were mystery shopping and could write a report up on that visit.