Monday, May 07, 2007

Goals update

I'm not going to make my May 15 goal. I'm not terribly short, moneywise, but I am still short. Mr. Gaia is looking into ordering the study materials for his office. I can't push him on it, he wants me to do this, but he can't be pushed. I'm going to move my original goal to June 15.

I should be able to pick up more shops in June because the kids will be staying with their grandparents for that month. Mr. Gaia and I have set a goal of not eating out during the time they're gone, so if a chance comes up, I'll grab a restaurant shop.

My save money for April goals have gone fairly well. I did not use the dryer at all. Mr. Gaia did for his work clothes because they wrinkle so much worse than my work clothes (which are hung up fresh from the washer). I went through the drawers and the cabinets and pulled out all my samples. I have shampoo samples that will last until fall (if not later). I have a ton of lotion samples (and by samples I mean hotel freebies). I don't really use lotion much, so I have no idea what to do with all of this. I didn't, however, get any garden planted.

May is tight because April was expensive. So we're having to watch May as well. June will be much better (with the kids gone, I'll work full time).

I've added some exercise goals (because I now have 2 skirts and 2 pair of slacks I can't wear because they're too tight and I don't have that many clothes). M-W-F I do tricep dips, T-Th-S I do "mountain climbing". Throughout the week I do garden and yard work for about an hour. The next step is to simply stop eating so much. I don't really drink soda any more - just when we eat out, which is rare. I think it's the sweet tea that's doing it. I go through half a gallon of sweet tea every other day. I don't "do" artificial sweeteners (they aren't organic).

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rani said...

Wow what amazing goals and efforts. Not drying in the dryer is a good goal, now that it's warmer.

Thanks for the comment also. Send me your address to pj20 at cornell dot edu and I'll send you some freebies!