Monday, April 16, 2007


Here is where I was going to talk about gardening and hanging clothes on the clothesline, but Grace beat me to it and I don't want to look like a copy-cat.

So, ummm, what to talk about?

Shall I rant about TAKS and how it is reducing Oceanus (my GT kid) to a sniveling pile of insecurity? Nah, that's just too painful to talk about. It will be over after tomorrow, until next year.

I can brag on Hyperion. We got his progress report and he is thisclose to making the all A honor roll and his behavior has been amazing lately (even at home). Both kids won their soccer games and Hyperion was really focused during the game.

One last soccer game. Tonight was the last practice and Saturday is the last game. Until fall. I am so ready for the break. I skipped practice last night to finish some weeding and get a nap.

I finally did my taxes. I used TaxACT and filed for free. I hope it goes through fine. We owed this year, so I'm afraid that it won't go through and we'll be hit with penalties.

My TV is in Texas, so maybe it will be delivered tomorrow. That would be nice. The Wii has been signaling new messages for days now (it glows blue and is really freaky to see), so I'm ready to get it hooked to a TV and have the messages reviewed.

I'm trying to eat less candy. My plan is to do house or yard work whenever I get a candy craving. We'll see how long it lasts. Tonight I ate leftovers rather than candy, so maybe I'll kick my sugar addiction (if you don't count the sweet tea).

Okay, was this random enough? Sheesh.

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