Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Countdown to Earthday

(Again, tip from Stonyfield Farms)

Convince your employer to try
Commuter Choice, a group funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation to help company’s solve the transportation and commuting problems or their workforce. The site contains resources for commuters in some of the nation’s most congested areas.
Calculate the
cost of the fuel you’re using in your car and compare fuel efficiencies of the cars on the market to help you make an informed car purchase.
Check out this list of the “greenest” cars on the market at
telecommuting to save time, energy and money.

The plan is that when my car craps out (or when we save the money) I will buy a little scooter. My commute is 2 miles (give or take, depending upon what errands I need to run) all on neighborhood streets. It's just a tad too far to walk, but it seems silly to drive. I can't bike there because it's an office and I'm expected to wear business clothes. So a scooter seems the best idea.

Whenever I get tired of my job, I remember that one of the benefits is how close it is to home. A different job would most likely require a much longer commute.

A tip I wish more people would consider here is walking the kids to school. We live half a mile from the school. It takes 10 minutes to walk it with the kids. We're getting good exercise and not using fuel. Most people literally live within 1 mile of the school. I've seen people drive 3 blocks to pick up their kids from the school. Yes, it's hot, but it's not that hot.

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