Sunday, March 11, 2007

One down, 2 to go

My MIL visited this weekend. I enjoy my MIL and we get along well, but I can't pretend that it isn't stressful having company.

FIL (my inlaws are divorced and remarried) comes this Wednesday. He'll leave Tuesday. Before he leaves, Mr. Gaia's aunt and uncle will come visit on Monday and will stay until Friday. None of them will stay in my home, though (cat allergies).

We had a nice visit. Neither boy won their soccer game, but they played well and tough. Poor Oceanus got hit really hard and sent flying, but still got up and continued to play. Winning two games in a row gave their team new found confidence. They played a tough game and really it was just a matter of some luck and just a tad bit extra skill (the other team were masterful at ball handling) plus not being afraid to be extremely physical. Besides the flying tackle, I saw one kid grab one our boy's foot and all but pull him down, Oceanus took a kick to the nuts, and there were multiple elbows, shoulders and kicks thrown at our boys.

MIL and the boys got to play some games and just have the time together they like to have. I'm glad they get to have this time together. I'm sad that we live so far apart, because I want them to have a close relationship.

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