Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Overheard this morning

Oceanus: "Where are all our clothes?"

Mr. Gaia: "Ummm ... maybe mom put them away?"

Oceanus: "You're right Dad. That's weird."

I told the kids that was their Valentine's gift from me. They were NOT impressed. Hyperion had the nerve to say "Well, it's only one time".

Mr. Gaia said "what got into you? Did you run the dishwasher and unload it?"

I had hoped that they would do a little more cleaning while I had to work late today and Mr. Gaia was home with them. But that didn't happen. Maybe this weekend.

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Tanya Brown said...

Gaia, my dear, I hope my comments don't discourage you. I go through life carrying a heavy bale of cynicism on my back. It does sound like you have a nice family, despite their unpleasant skepticism regarding laundry and dishes being dealt with. Nevertheless, as I read your wistful post, two thoughts came to my mind:

1) Yes, and maybe s**t will stick to the moon.

2) In the matter of people helping out with housekeeping, we can wish in one hand and s**t in the other and see which fills up faster.

Sometimes family members aren't given to subtlety. I've often found a sledge hammer useful.