Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Monday Rants

1) Coworkers that are so annoying. So, we apparently had a power outage that fried something. I have no idea what it fried, but it made our breaker flip from time to time. The breaker with our server (which was connected to a UPS, thank goodness), my printer and I have no idea what else. The first time it flipped, I was trying to print something. As in, I couldn't do anything until my printer was working. So when annoying coworker said she knew what to do I figured "okay, learn what it is in case it happens when she isn't here, I can't do anything else." Pissed her all off and she griped at me for not doing my job. Hello! I can't do my job until this is fixed.

The 2nd time it flipped, we had a client come in and I was on my way to tell the boss that they were there. My way to his office happened to pass by the breaker box (this is the way I always take and so does everyone else). I heard the beep and said "wow, did it flip again?" and she again says "I've got it, you need to concentrate on your own job". That time I called her on it "Excuse me, I'm on my way to the boss to tell him his appointment is here" "Whatever" says she in the most disbelieving tone imaginable. So I walk straight to boss' office, which is in her hearing and tell him they are there and reviewing their documents and I'd come let him know when they were ready for him.

The 3rd time happened when I realized that there were no pens in the conference room. Well, these clients were going to be signing documents. They need pens. DUH. The breaker box happens to be in the supply room. So, I walk to the supply room to get the pens and I'm told, by her, that she's already spoken to the boss and he agrees that I need to be concentrating on my own job. "Okay, I'm getting pens so my clients can sign their documents".

So, later on they realize a folder is missing from the server. Now, I have a good idea what happened to the folder. Most likely someone accidently dragged it into another folder when they were trying to open it. I have no intention of dropping my work (remember I've now been dressed down 3 times for it) so I say "look in the folders around it, it probably got accidently dragged into one". Coworker 2 did that and found it. Coworker 1, didn't even try and instead made a bitchy comment about me butting in. Okay, so would you rather I not give you a clue? Seriously.

2) DHs that delete things from the DVR without asking first. He knows full well that I delete after watching something. He knew I didn't watch it live.

3) People that have so many kids that their older kids raise their younger kids.

4) People who think that college is bad for their girls.

5) People who think saying "all your job and familial secrets will be exposed" is EXACTLY the same thing as saying "you've revealed enough information here in the last 2 weeks for anyone to find you". They're both threats, you see.


Tanya Brown said...

Bless your heart - sounds like quite a rotten day! There's nothing quite like the humiliation factor of having a coworker go tell mom or dad - er, I mean your boss - that you aren't playing nicely. "I told dad and he says the circuit breaker is mine and you can't play with it! Nyaaaah!!!!"

One interesting question might be why your coworker was concerned (territorial?) about the circuit breaker issue. Hopefully if you lay low a few days the situation will blow over, but it might also be a warning sign of interaction problems to come. It happens.

Item number two would have me muttering and thinking that DH wasn't quite deserving the D in DH that day. And yeah, items three and four are pretty annoying too. (How many women's lives have been damaged by those who think they don't "need" to go to college, etc.?)

As far as item five goes, I'm sorry if you're getting grief over your blog. If there's someone specific who has sinister intentions and you're trying to lay low, it may be a concern. However, it looks to me like you've been discreet in terms of having your blog anonymous, not identifying the town you live in, not posting trade secrets connected to your job, etc..

You aren't exactly in the situation of Dooce, aka Heather Armstrong, who is a famous blogger not only because of her writing talent but because she was one of the first people ever fired from her job for posting comments/details about work life online. In that case, she was making no effort whatsoever to disguise her identity or, as near as I can tell, to be discreet.

Being careful and discreet is wise. It's also the case that writing about things can be a good way to blow off steam. Sometimes it's also easier to have faceless strangers read things and comment on them than people who are close to you, and an anonymous blog is one way to accomplish that.

Okay, that's more than my two cents - it's more like ten or fifteen cents.

I hope the rest of the week goes better for you!

Gaia said...

Nah, #5 is in reference to a bulletin board issue. A person was recently banned for making a threat to expose secrets. Someone said that she didn't really have any secrets to expose. I (nicely) explained to that person that she has revealed enough information in 2 weeks that I could easily find her. I was then accused of threatening her.

Aren't bulletin boards fun?