Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Things to be thankful for

1) We are not buried under ice

2) We have electricity

3) There is no danger our pipes will freeze.

For all of you who can't say the same, stay warm and I hope this is much more temporary than the ice storm that hit SE Oklahoma Christmas 2000.

We are experiencing cold weather for us. We'll dip down into the 30s. And, ummm, well, we live in the subtropics. Heaters are optional in houses here. Our house? One of the many without a real heater. It is cold in our house. I made a bit pot of chicken soup to add some heat and moisture to the air.

The anxiety attack I had when traveling in colder climes went away with return to home and warmer temperatures. As a family we walked 4+ miles this weekend and I had no trouble breathing. Well, now I'm having trouble breathing again. It's cold temperature induced. I'd be more inclined to suspect asthma, but when I went to the doctor, my oxygen saturation was at 99 - which is very good. Maybe cold weather just triggers my anxiety.

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