Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Brrrrr, it's cold in the subtropics

No ice here, yet. Please God, no ice. I really, really, really want a heater right now. I go to work to get warm.

To help with not having a heater, I made a big pot of chicken soup this week. It started Saturday when DH baked some organic chickens (unfortunately, our only source here is Sam's, but the price is good). After we had a meal, he picked off the easy to obtain meat and then put the bones in the freezer. Monday, I threw the bones in a pot with granulated garlic and dried onions and boiled hell out of them. Tuesday, I strained the broth and then set about picking out the meat, added fresh onion, organic celery and carrots. OMS, it was sooo good. We add the salt after it is cooked because DH doesn't like much salt and has blood pressure issues.

I had leftover today. You know a good chicken soup when it cools. Mine is so rich, it actually gels in the refrigerator. It looks like chicken flavored jello. Yummy.

Today, I started a huge pot of organic beans. Dried onions, garlic and black pepper. No salt while cooking because that makes the beans tough. DH and the kids had smashed beans for supper, I opted for a nap and then leftovers after I woke up. Tomorrow, I'll separate out some of the beans for DH to make chili and then cook the others until very little liquid remains. I'll use the mixer to smash them and then freeze my "refried" beans.

If it contiues to stay cool, I predict more soup making. This way I can freeze enough for good eating during the summer. I like to have good meals in the freezer for summer so we can eat healthy, organic meals without heating up the whole house.

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