Monday, October 09, 2006

Baby sock pattern?

So, I finished the baby blanket and now I'm looking for a good baby sock pattern. The problem is that I have promised not to buy new supplies, so I'm stuck with heavy weight yarn and dpn (double pointed needles) that are just a tad too large. I need a baby sock knitted in the round that has no more than 20 stitches. I can find that on 2 needles but I'm not interested in sewing a seam.

I'm experimenting some and hope that the 24 stitch sock will work. If not, I have toddlers I can give them too, but I hate to give a toddler man-made fiber socks. Socks should be natural fibers so that they don't overheat little tootsies too much and so they stand up to wear a little better.

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