Friday, August 25, 2006

Whew, he's home

So dh has been traveling this week. I've never lived alone. I went straight from my parent's home to the college dorms to living with dh. I've never learned to be alone, asleep at night.

During the day? I can sleep fine when I'm alone (in fact I prefer to sleep during the day with everyone gone). During the night? Well, let's just say that I don't sleep well when everything is perfect. When he's gone? Every noise wakes me up, the empty bed wakes me up.

This reminds me that if we ever split, I will follow past trends and will have the new man lined up before he's gone. I was, after all in the last throes of a relationship when we met (which had lasted way longer than it should have).

Yes, I'm an insecure woman. I need a man. God, I hate to admit that. That's just wrong. Maybe it's good I don't have a girl and can't pass this down to her. Society and its expectations got to me. I've bucked many a trend in my life (breastfeeding a toddler, in public no less) but this is one that I haven't managed to buck.

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