Monday, August 28, 2006

Listen up women managers

Okay, this is something that was brought to my attention. Women do not effectively manage men because we treat them like women. We prefer to lead and be led by concensus, with input from the following. Men DON'T. Women have learned to follow a man's style of leadership (even when we hate it and them). Men have not learned to follow a woman's style of leadership.

So, my tips for effectively leading men?

1) Treat men as simple animals. Tell them what they are going to do. Don't ask for their input. Don't ask them to help make the decision. Decide they are simply too stupid to have opinions. In short? Treat them as though they have less intellect than a 2yo.

2) Remember to treat men as animals. Just as you wouldn't show indecision or hesitation to an animal you are training, don't show it to a man you are wanting to lead. Always appear in complete control. IF a man does offer a good idea, ignore it. Then next opportunity, incorporate it into your directions, never giving credit to the man (it goes without saying that the next opportunity needs to be at least 4 hours later).

3) Never back down. Never be afraid to fire a man for not following. A man wouldn't be afraid to fire a woman. If management won't back you, document, document, document and then fire. Don't put up with insubordination.

Okay, so these are extreme. But, look at them and you'll see that they do follow the style of leadership men use and follow. Sure, a woman doing these things will be called bitch and ballbreaker, but the men will follow. A woman not doing these things will be considered ineffectual.

Of course, if your following consists of women, treat them as equals.

Okay, don't mind me, I'm just pissed because dh seems to think the way they treated their woman group leader was nothing short of natural. She asked them to decide what hours they were going to work and gave them a deadline and told them they had to choose. They said "no we don't" and thought that was appropriate. I told him they never would have done that to a man and he said " a man wouldn't have told us to choose". I countered "no, a man would have said 'these are the hours, be here or else'". He wisely bowed out of the conversation at that point. But it still pisses me off. I've had to lead groups of men who wouldn't follow me just because I was a "girl" and they felt I couldn't do anything about it. And management didn't back me, so I couldn't do anything about it. Good management would have taken my complaints seriously and started disciplinary procedures. But they decided it was MY fault the men wouldn't follow. Not the fact that there was no blowback for the men if they didn't take orders from me.

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