Thursday, July 20, 2006

I love the library

Libraries are such underutilized resources in the US.

When we moved, we donated over 1,000 books. Can you imagine paying to move that many books? Well, we couldn't, so to the church they went. You'd think with getting rid of that many we wouldn't have any left, wouldn't you. You'd be wrong.

However, that woke us up to the fact that we had a consumerism problem. So now? No new books. There are exceptions, we do buy paperbacks to take on vacation, the kids get books and if we really, really want a book and our library doesn't have it.

Other than that? Our library is our great supplier.

Not only books, though. They also have movies, magazines, newspapers, internet access, kids programs and I'm sure many other items I have yet to utilize (I know of at least one library that would check out slide projectors, overhead projectors and VCRs).

Today was movie day. We saw The Pacifier. I've never been a Vin Diesel fan, but after this movie, I actually see his appeal. It was a nice outing for us.

The other advantages are that this was ONE projector using electricity to entertain about 40 kids and adults. It was ONE AC keeping a room cool for that many people (many people here only have window unit ACs and turn them off if they aren't home, thereby saving power) - so probably 4-5 houses weren't using electricity for cooling (alas, not our home, our AC is central and will not program to less than 88).

I recommend learning about the programs in your city and using them. When you go, turn off the computer, the tv, turn up the thermostat on the AC (or turn it off), turn off the lights and enjoy the programs knowing your saving money and helping the environment.

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