Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bike Shopping

I hate to shop. I know that sounds odd, afterall, I'm female, right? But I hate it.

So, we're shopping for a new bike for me. Why? Because the idiots at the last bike shop sold me a bike that is waaaay too small for me. I'm 5'8" and my bike is just about right for someone who is 5'2" with short legs.

I realized just how much too small it was when dh and I traded bikes. OMS, I could go sooo much faster and with so much less effort. It was like I had been riding through waist high water before.

So, a new bike will be a HUGE step towards our dream of biking for family weekend camping trips. The other step in that is buying an Adams Trail-a-bike for Hyperion. Oceanus has one and they fight over who gets to ride on it. The bike trailer is just way too small for their big bodies. It will be demoted to holding camping gear when we take camping trips (I'm sure that'll be a sight - a bike pulling a trail-a-bike pulling a bike trailer).

The goal is to be car free for everything except the commute to work. At some point, I'll transition to a scooter for my commute. DH won't be able to do that safely. For safety's sake, he'll have to continue to drive a car to work. He has to take highways and scooters just aren't visible enough for all the SUV drivers around. We hear of motorcycle accidents weekly here.

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